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7Xi Arylate

$209.99  $109.99
Save: 48% off
7Xi Arylate
  • Speed:  9.5
  • Control:  7.5
  • Plies:  5 Wood 2 Arylate
  • Weight: ~87g

The Detro 7xi blade is made for offensive play and will give a foundation of a fast blade that when combined with a fast and or spinny rubber will equip you with a very powerful offense.

Detro 7Hc

$200.00  $89.99
Save: 55% off
Detro 7Hc
  • Speed:  9.7
  • Control:  7.5
  • Plys: 5 Wood 2 Kevlar Carbon
  • Hardness:  8.8
  • Weight: ~91+g

The Detro 7Hc is designed to add speed to your drives, and with an offensive rubber will provide you with a strong offense with ample speed and spin.


$189.99  $89.99
Save: 53% off
  • Speed: 10 +
  • Control: 6
  • Weight: ~89+g

The Detro Carbon Fiber Hard Driver blade will maximize your speed. This blade is for the player who wants to maximize their speed . The little extra weight can give you a substantil feel and add to your power.

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